DVIS annual ski trip 2017!

We’ve been on our 14th annual Ski Trip! Tensions were high and expectations even higher – but we already knew for certain that it was going to be fantastic!


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REACH 2017!

REACH is our annual project, which is overseen by students, teachers & parents, but which ultimately involves the whole school community. The name encapsulates the effort, involvement, compassion, networking and values inherent in activities designed to raise awareness of those in need. Each year, the school selects three charities to support.


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Y5 trip: museum of natural history!

Year 5 spent a lovely day at the Natural History Museum in Brussels. We visited the special exhibition on poisonous animals and saw all the different rocks the museum has as part of our IPC topic ‘What a Wonderful World’. In the afternoon, we had a lovely guide who taught us all about biodiversity and how, we as humans, affect the world around us. Year 5 had a great day!


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Valentine's day @ dvis!

Yesterday's Valentine's Day @ Da Vinci was full of love, caring and sharing smiles, food and laughter. Do you think we enjoyed ourselves? Thank you @DV PTA for the fruit kebabs and chocolate! And thank you to the MS and US Student Councils for helping us show how much we care for each other by organising a cupcake and red rose delivery! 


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Y8 @ the mercator museum!

Last week, our Y8 students went to Sint-Niklaas to visit the Mercator Museum. It was a great opportunity to learn all about the history of maps in a fun and active way! 


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