STEAM week

This year's STEAM week topic was Weather and Climate. With a week of sunny, warm weather, it was a great chance to get outside and learn more about a topic that has such a direct impact on all of us.


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Y2 Trip to Toy Museum

Our Year 2 class has been researching, designing and, of course, playing with toys as part of their IPC unit. As a highlight of their learning journey they hopped on the train to visit the Toy Museum in Mechelen!


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Y3 & Y4 Chocolate Nation Antwerp

Chocolate is a fascinating and multifaceted topic, offering so many amazing educational opportunities from Geography, Science, Ancient Civilizations, Language Acquisition and Gastronomy! 


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IB Biology experiment

Our Year 12 students investigated the blood system for their IB Biology course. No better way to do this than by dissecting a real pig's heart, in order to find out the structures and the processes that are involved in the working of the circulatory system.


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Valentine's day 2022

All you need is love...also, a fantastic Student Council! We hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!


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