Class of 2019

Each year we send our final year students on their way with a celebratory leavers’ dinner when we look back at their individual achievements and wish them well as they head off to university.


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Garage - Field Trip

As part of our topic “The Garage”, Reception visited the Dirk Sledsens Garage next door to school...This gave the children the opportunity to find out more about cars and about the service that a mechanic offers to our communities. They had so much fun!


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Early Years Farm trip

EY had a great time at the Mikerf Children's Farm in Brasschaat.


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Reach 2019

This year’s REACH week raised awareness about ​Carbon Footprints​, focusing on practical ways that we can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in our everyday lives.


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PTA Hot Lunch

Many thanks to our fantastic PTA!


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