Carnival Trip to Aalst!

Years 1 & 2 recently visited the 'Carnavalshallen & Museum' in Aalst! This tied in with both the Celebrations and Constructions Units the children worked on in school.

Year 2 learned about different materials that can be used for different purposes. Big structures cannot be very heavy and thus are not made from wood or brick but from styrofoam for example.

Year 1 learned about how Carnival became famous in Aalst and how the people of this town prepare and plan for this wonderful celebration.

Furthermore we were able to see how much cooperation and resilience is involved when people make these big wagons. Building them takes about 4 months and requires lots of effort and passion from the locals, who work day and night sometimes to get everything done for the parade in February.

It is definitely an event that is worth marking in your calendar every year!

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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