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International Garden Party 2017!

This is our biggest event of the year – a celebration of the diversity and family atmosphere our school represents. (more…)

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Happy Birthday, Leonardo Da Vinci!

Happy Birthday, Leonardo da Vinci! (more…)

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PTA Easter egg hunt 2017!

Here are some snapshots of our annual Easter Egg Hunt, organised by our fantastic PTA volunteers. (more…)

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The children sang their little hearts out and danced their socks off. (more…)

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Do you feel it yet…? The Holiday spirit? We sure felt warm and cozy during this year’s Da Vinci Christmas Market! (more…)

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Today it’s finally Sinterklaas day! The children waited patiently for Sinterklaas to come with his mischievous helpers Zwarte Piet. (more…)

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Welcome Reception 2016!

After 2 long months of summer holidays, we’re so happy to have you all (back) in school! (more…)

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REACH 2016!

What in the world is REACH Week all about? REACH Week is our annual project, which is always overseen by our Grade 7 students, but which ultimately involves the whole school community. The name encapsulates the effort, involvement, compassion, networking and values inherent in activities designed to raise awareness of those in need. (more…)

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LS & MS Christmas Concert!

On the very last school day of 2015, our Lower & Middle School children and their very talented Music & Performing Arts teacher Miss Mella, invited all our parents to their annual Christmas Concert! (more…)

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KG Christmas Concert!

Just before the holidays, our Auditorium was transferred into a wonderful winterland for all of our KG parents. (more…)

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