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International Garden Party 2017!

This is our biggest event of the year – a celebration of the diversity and family atmosphere our school represents. (more…)

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Zoo trip!

Lucky Y6, Y7 & Y8 got to go to the Antwerp Zoo before the Easter holiday! (more…)

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DVIS annual ski trip 2017!

We’ve been on our 14th annual Ski Trip!
Tensions were high and expectations even higher – but we already knew for certain that it was going to be fantastic! (more…)

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Last week, our Y8 students went to Sint-Niklaas to visit the Mercator Museum. (more…)

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Today Year 8 took a walk through Antwerp to go Geocaching to kick off their new IMYC topic ‘Curiosity’! (more…)

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The children sang their little hearts out and danced their socks off. (more…)

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Do you feel it yet…? The Holiday spirit? We sure felt warm and cozy during this year’s Da Vinci Christmas Market! (more…)

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We are a MOS school now!

We are very pleased to let you know that our school has become a certified MOS (Milieuzorg Op School) school.  (more…)

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Ms Annie’s class are working on the theme Balance for their IMYC project!

Da Vinci has an active and supportive PTA that conducts a free weekly yoga class. Miss Annie thought that this would be a great way to test the balance of her students in a tangible and fun way. (more…)

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Workshop collage making!

Thanks to Aimee and Odette’s father, Martijn Van Pieterson, some of our students had a fantastic workshop with Yuki. He’s a Japanese artist who makes collages. (more…)

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