How to Apply

In order to apply for a place at Da Vinci International School, please complete the form below (one per child).

Please note that class sizes are restricted. All applicants for Grade 2 onwards are required to provide evidence of successful completion of the previous school year. Applicants must also provide valid proof of identification (passport / ID card).


The minimum age for applicants is:
Kindergarten 1a at least 2½ years
Kindergarten 1b at least 3 years old before October 1st
Kindergarten 2 at least 4 years old before October 1st
Kindergarten 3 at least 5 years old before October 1st
Grade 1 at least 6 years old before October 1st
Grades 2 and above successful completion of the previous school year



Previous school


Home address


Invoice address (if different from above)


 I give permission for my child to receive first aid or emergency treatment as deemed necessary
I/We agree with the school’s fee structure and enrolment procedure as described in the section ‘Terms and Conditions’