The Da Vinci Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an organisation made up of parents and staff working closely together to enrich the school experience for all students.

Mission Statement

The PTA aims to enrich the school experience for all children through raising awareness about Da Vinci within the community; organising fundraising activities to provide ‘extras’ to supplement the students’ educational experience and also through supporting the school staff to uphold the community spirit and pride in our school. The activities and events organised by the PTA also have an underlying aim of promoting good citizenship throughout all sections of the school.


  • Helping to organise school events
  • Fundraising to provide “extras” to supplement the students’ overall educational experience
  • Organising events to enhance community spirit and school pride
  • Providing opportunities for families to meet together through participating in our on-going initiatives
  • Working closely alongside staff to maintain and build upon the school’s good reputation within the community

PTA meetings

The PTA meets once a month – more often when organising events.
When: The 1st Wednesday of each month at 8.30am in school. These are open meetings, so all current parents are welcome to join!

PTA committee

Parents are invited to join the PTA committee on a bi-annual basis; officers and members hold their positions for two-year terms. New members and office holders will be nominated and voted by the current PTA members.

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